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Project development

Planning a photovoltaic system it is essential to take into account all the important points to enable sustainable investment success. This is achieved by AX Power Solution Ltd. by bringing together the best partners in the optimal location with the optimal approach.

Our project development team is supplemented, depending on the region, by local experienced professionals. Therefore the project risk is significantly minimized. This places us in a position where we are able to develop the most demanding PV projects, from planning to construction, in outstanding quality.

Development services of AX Power

  • > Location securing and development
  • > Obtaining all regulatory approvals
  • > Approvals for feeding (entry point)
  • > Clarification of any legal, infrastructural and geographical conditions
  • > Project calculation
  • > Preliminary design
  • > Expert opinion (soil, static, etc.)
  • > operator licenses
  • > Energy purchase agreements
  • > and much more

The preparation of a quotation with a listing of all major system components, installation work and materials as well as technical data sheets and a complete system documentation (module installation plan, circuit diagram and shading analysis) are part of our remit.

These standards allow you to receive a long life system with significant revenues, returns and savings during operation.
Moreover, we are able to make a rapid order processing from planning to commissioning possible by our routine.

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